Custom Sliding Barn Doors New Jersey, New York

Our range of barn style interior doors creates the perfect traditional look for your home, allowing you to take home a piece of natural wooden beauty. Barn doors are the perfect choice when wishing to create a  farmhouse environment wherever you live. The rustic qualities that  barn doors bring to your home will create an attractive focal point in any room 

Custom barn doors in NJ NY CT PA LI
our barn doors are made from reclaimed wood and new wood distressed to look old, our custom barn doors are available in New Jersey, New York, Long Island and Connecticut.

Our doors are Custom built to your order out the best Hardwoods, we can provide the custom entry doors, Custom gates, and Barn doors. All of our doors  can be ordered with Solid wood, the barn doors can be ordered with the Reclaimed wood in the different styles, stains, and decorations

Doors should be more than a separation between spaces, they should be statement pieces.  barn doors can be an expression, a personalized touch that adds a unique signature to any home or office. We offer classic barn doors that have proven to endure time and a modern and unique selection for those special spaces.

It is no surprise that pictures of Barn Doors seem to capture the imagination of a wide range of people.  Sometimes the Barn Doors creates a memory of days on the farm as a kid, for others, it is a bold rustic statement that allows a home to offer something different and for others, it is the opportunity to display

Whatever “memory” a Barn Door creates for you, will be wrapped up in your own story It is our privilege to be part of that story. As a company we were introduced to Barn Door out of a sheer passion of nature generally leads, by default, to items of a rustic, bold and strong nature.

Share your ideas with us and let’s explore a solution together. Our skill base and expertise are able to provide solutions for interior or exterior projects.
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Tel: 973 800 7936

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